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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1921Palau Confirmation and Death Records, 1921-1939Catholic Mission in Palau
1922Hans George Hornbostel & Gertrude Hornbostel PapersHornbostel, Hans George; Hornbostel, Gertrude
1922C.B. Bowman Papers, 1922-1923Bowman, C.B.
1924Corbinian, Chronicle of Catholic Mission to Rota PapersCorbinian
1925Ruth Menger Troy Papers, 1928-1939Troy, Ruth Menger
1925Spanish and English Capuchin Records, 1925-1936Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, O.F.M. Cap
1926Chaplain Wilfred R. Hall Papers, 1926-1928Hall, Chaplain Wilfred R.
1927Thomas E. Mayhew PapersMayhew, Thomas E.
1927Harold J. Toland Papers, 1927Toland, Harold J.
1929Hisakatsu Hijikata PapersHisakatsu, Hijikata
1929-06-11Governor Willis Winter Bradley Jr. PapersBradley, Governor Willis Winter
1931Margaret M. Higgins Papers, 1931-1935Higgins, Margaret M.
1931Palau Baptism Records, 1931-1940Catholic Mission in Palau
1932Cornel Earl Hancock (Pete) Ellis PapersEllis, Earl Hancock (Pete); Lieutenant Cornel Earl Hancock “Pete” Ellis
1932-1953Lieutenant Frederick J. Nelson Papers 1932-1953Nelson, Frederick J.; Nelson, Evelyn G.
1934Patrick C. Parks Papers 1934-1937Parks, Patrick C.
1935The “Romance” Schooner Records, 1935Rively, William E.
1935Catechism in the Chamorro Language 1935-
1936Warren A. Lassen Papers 1936-1945Lassen, Warren A.
1936Alice M. Klingenhagen Papers, 1936-1946Klingenhagen, Alice M.