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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1981Father Francis X. Heizel S.J. PapersHeizel, Francis X.
1911-04-04Father Venantuis DufnerDufner, Father Venantuis
1994Federal Excess Land Historical Records, 1994-
2022-03-04Fond Recollections from 43 Years of Service at the University of Guam Dr. George K. Kallingal, Professor Emeritus of Educational and Developmental PsychologyKallingal, George K.
2022-03-04Forgotten No More: The University of Guam Missions and CEDDERS National Center of Excellence: Serving the 15% who have disabilities on Guam and in rural/remote Pacific IslandsSan Nicolas, Heidi
1944Forrest E. Morrison Papers 1944-1945Morrison, Forrest E.
2024Francelle Alexander PapersAlexander, Francelle
1946Frank A. Torra Papers 1946-1947Torra, Frank A.
1944Frank Grove Jr. Photo Collection 1944Grove Jr., Frank
1983Frank M. Portusach Papers, 1983-1988Portusach, Frank M.
1900Franklin Hanford Papers, 1900Hanford, Franklin
1947Fred R. Reinman Papers 1947 & Douglas Osborne's Archaeology Survey 1947Reinman, Fred R; Osborne, Douglas
1944Frederick W.H. Rothenburgh, 1944-1949Rothenburgh, Frederick W.H.
1886G. Killian OFM Cap. Papers, 1886-1905Killian, G.
1898G.M. Murdoch Papers, 1898-1899, 1900-1901Duff, Benson
1945Garland Nelms Papers 1945Nelms, Garland
1902George A. Alexander PapersAlexander, George A.
1945George Braendly Papers 1945Braendly, George
1943George F.W. Pitzke II Papers 1943-1944Pitzke, George F.W. II
1974-03-11George Perdew Papers, 1974Perdew, George