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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1950Bernice Bronson Lawrence Papers, 1950-1951Lawrence, Bernice Bronson
1937Bishop Miguel Angel Olano PapersOlano, Miguel Angel
1941-12-08Bob O’Brian Papers, 1941O’Brian, Bob
1941Bruce F. DeWald Papers 1941-1942DeWald, Bruce F.
1941Bruce Petty (Collector) Japanese PhotographsPetty, Bruce
1922C.B. Bowman Papers, 1922-1923Bowman, C.B.
1830-01-24Captain Crayton Holcomb Papers, January 24, 1830-May 6, 1885Holcomb, Captain Crayton
1854Captain Samuel J. Masters PapersMasters, Samuel
1909-01-09Cardinal Gotti Papers, 1909Gotti
1935Catechism in the Chamorro Language 1935-
1966-05-27Catharine Norwood Papers, May 27, 1966 to September 1966Norwood, Catharine
1987Chamorro Language Issues and Research on Guam: A Book of ReadingsSpencer, Mary L.
1926Chaplain Wilfred R. Hall Papers, 1926-1928Hall, Chaplain Wilfred R.
1905Charles Darwin Lemkuhl Papers, 1905Lemkuhl, Charles Darwin
1898Charles E. Longden Papers, 1898Longden, Charles E.
1944Charley Guertler Papers 1944Describes Guertler's experiences as a Navy See Bee on Guam; Guertler, Charley
1965Congressman Antonio Borja Won Pat Photo Collection, 1965-1984Won Pat, Antonio Borja
1946Connie Martinez Benito Papers 1946-1947Benito, Connie Martinez
2018-07Conservation Management of the Mariana Eight Spot ButterflyDemeulenaere, Else; Putnam, Matthew; Fiedler, G. Curt
1924Corbinian, Chronicle of Catholic Mission to Rota PapersCorbinian