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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1922C.B. Bowman Papers, 1922-1923Bowman, C.B.
1830-01-24Captain Crayton Holcomb Papers, January 24, 1830-May 6, 1885Holcomb, Captain Crayton
1854Captain Samuel J. Masters PapersMasters, Samuel
1909-01-09Cardinal Gotti Papers, 1909Gotti
1935Catechism in the Chamorro Language 1935-
1966-05-27Catharine Norwood Papers, May 27, 1966 to September 1966Norwood, Catharine
1987Chamorro Language Issues and Research on Guam: A Book of ReadingsSpencer, Mary L.
1926Chaplain Wilfred R. Hall Papers, 1926-1928Hall, Chaplain Wilfred R.
2022-01-15CHARLES BIRKELAND, Ph.D. (1975-2000) Professor Emeritus of Marine BiologyBirkeland, Charles
1905Charles Darwin Lemkuhl Papers, 1905Lemkuhl, Charles Darwin
1898Charles E. Longden Papers, 1898Longden, Charles E.
1944Charley Guertler Papers 1944Guertler, Charley
2022The concept of MARC over the yearsYamashita, Antonio
1965Congressman Antonio Borja Won Pat Photo Collection, 1965-1984Won Pat, Antonio Borja
1946Connie Martinez Benito Papers 1946-1947Benito, Connie Martinez
2018-07Conservation Management of the Mariana Eight Spot ButterflyDemeulenaere, Else; Putnam, Matthew; Fiedler, G. Curt
1924Corbinian, Chronicle of Catholic Mission to Rota PapersCorbinian
1932Cornel Earl Hancock (Pete) Ellis PapersEllis, Earl Hancock (Pete); Lieutenant Cornel Earl Hancock “Pete” Ellis
2022-02-04Cynthia B. Sajnovsky, Professor Emerita of MusicSajnovsky, Cynthia B.
1959Cynthia Olson Papers, 1959-1966Olson, Cynthia