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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1977Teresa Del Valle Papers, 1977Del Valle, Teresa
1969Thomas B. McGrath S.J. PapersMcGrath, Thomas B.
1952Thomas Blandford Papers 1952Blandford, Thomas
1927Thomas E. Mayhew PapersMayhew, Thomas E.
1976-06Thomas E. Nelson Papers, 1976Nelson, Thomas E.
2018-07Threatened and Endangered Plant Surveys of Northwest FieldDemeulenaere, Else; Putnam, Matthew; Fiedler, G. Curt
1898U.S. National Archives Record Group 38 & 127 (NCWR 79-81) 1898-1950-
1898U.S. Navy Historical Foundation Papers Executive Orders 1898-
1944-07-25U.S.M.C. First Lieutenant John J. Eddy PapersEddy, U.S.M.C. First Lieutenant John J.
2020-05-19Umespipiha i Fino’ CHamoru Among non-fluent Young CHamorus on Guåhan: Exploring language revitalization, ethnolinguistic identity, indigeneity and CHamoru activism amongst non-fluent CHamoru Millennials and Generation ZLeon Guerrero, Edward
1990University of Guam ArchivesUniversity of Guam, Board of Regents
1981US. Navy Historical Foundation Miscellaneous Papers-
1969-12-11Vance O. Smith Papers, 1969Smith, Vance O.
1945-07-01Vincent Wicoff Papers, 1945Helfland, Harvey Zane; Wicoff, Vincent
1941W.B. Epps Papers 1941Hong Kong; Epps, W.B.
1936Warren A. Lassen Papers 1936-1945Lassen, Warren A.
1876Whaler "Scotia" Misc. Papers 1876-
1900William Edwin Safford Papers, 1899-1901Safford, William Edwin
1914William J. Wider Papers 1914Wider, William J.
1980William M. Peck Papers, 1980Peck, William M.