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Title: George A. Alexander Papers
Authors: Alexander, George A.
Keywords: U.S. Naval Government--Naval Governors
Issue Date: 1902
Series/Report no.: MSS 050;
Abstract: The Correspondence section contains some personal correspondence and an executive order from the government of Guam recommending Captain Alexander's promotion to Rear Admiral. The Guam photographs date from 1933-1936 when Captain Alexander was the governor of Guam. Most of these photographs come with a personal description.
Description: George A. Alexander was a United States Navy Captain who served as the 35th Naval Governor of Guam from June 21, 1933 to March 27, 1936; during the first U.S. Naval Period 7 August 1899 - December 1941. While serving as Governor, Alexander supported the local effort to obtain United States citizenship for all residents of Guam, sending a petition to the White House and various federal officials requesting the right and signed by 2,000 Guamanians to the President of the United States, the petition was unsuccessful since President Roosevelt concurred with the negative recommendation from the Secretary of the Navy (Rogers, 1995:154). In December of 1933 there was a significant governmental change. Governor George A. Alexander ordered an executive decree, nullifying the former laws and replacing them with a new set that were modeled after the California Codes. Known as the Code of Guam (today known as the Guam Code Annotated), the new laws were printed in a volume and made official in 1937. The Guam Code were seen by some as a confusing amalgamation of U.S. Navy and California procedures. It was the first printing of the modern laws of Guam. Source: Marguerite Saussotte, 'US Naval Era: Development of the Code of Guam', referenced June 9, 2014; 2009 Guampedia; URL: Rogers, R. (1995) Destiny's Landfall a History of Guam. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press.
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