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Title: Antonio Cruz Artero, Papers 1943-1946
Authors: Artero, Antonio Cruz
Keywords: Antonio Cruz Artero
George R. Tweed--Letters--Commendatory Letter--James Forrestal
U.S. Navy Period History--1943-1946--Guam
Japanese occupation--Guam
World War II History--Guam
Issue Date: 1943
Series/Report no.: MSS 070;
Abstract: Antonio Cruz Artero was born on May 13, 1905. His father, Don Pascual Artero y Saez, was a Spanish soldier who came to Guam during the waning days of the Spanish colonial regime. Antonio and his wife Josefa started their eatery business before World War II. During the Japanese occupation of Guam, Antonio and his father were forced to provide beef regularly to Japanese officials and soldiers. As the War progressed, conditions under the Japanese worsened for the people of Guam. In October 1942 the U.S. Navy man, George R. Tweed, was brought to Antonio for shelter and protection. By then, Tweed was the only survivor among six American service men who had refused to surrender to the invading Japanese forces. Between 1941 and 1942, Tweed was transferred from one hiding place to another, in an effort to keep him from being captured by the Japanese, who were hunting for him relentlessly. People who had knowledge about Tweed and his movements were tortured and killed, Antonio was aware of any association with Tweed was extremely dangerous for his entire family. Fearing for his family, Antonio was unwilling to abandon George Tweed. He took Tweed to a well hidden cave in the face of a high cliff on his family property. Tweed spent the last 21 months of the Japanese occupation under the protection of Antonio. He was rescued by the returning American military forces on July 10, 1944. Peace returned to Guam and Antonio C. Artero made plans to open a small retail/groceries store on the first floor of his two-story home. Antonio C. Artero died in 1984.
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