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Title: Governor Carlos G. Camacho Papers
Authors: Camacho, Carlos G.
Keywords: Governor of Guam--Appointed--Carlos Garcia Camacho
Governor of Guam--Elected--Carlos Garcia Camacho
Governor of Guam--Republican--Carlos Garcia Camacho
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--Press Releases
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--National Governor’s Conference
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--United Nations Development Programme Western Pacific Regions
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--Western Governor’s Conference
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--Department of the Interior
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--Public Health and Human Services
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--Guam Power Authority
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--Guam International Air Terminal
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--Department of Labor
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--Revenue and Taxation
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--Department of Land Management
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--Federal Maritime Commission
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--Federal Communications Commission
Governor of Guam-- Carlos Garcia Camacho—University of Guam
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--Guam Memorial Hospital
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--Governor’s Advisory Council
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--Federal Comptroller’s Report
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--Pacific Islands Development Commission
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--Guam Legislature
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--Government House Correspondence
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--Governor’s Appointments
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--U.S. Congress Correspondence
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--President Richard M. Nixon Visit
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--Cost of Living
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--Energy
Governor of Guam--Carlos Garcia Camacho--Education
Issue Date: 1969
Publisher: The Richard Flores Taitano Micronesian Area Research Center
Citation: [item identification], Governor Carlos G. Camacho Papers, MSS 2150, The Richard Flores Taitano Micronesian Area Research Center, University of Guam. Mangilao, Guam.
Series/Report no.: MSS 2150;
Abstract: Carlos Garcia Camacho was born on November 16, 1924 in Agana, the son of Felix Martinez Camacho and Antonia Garcia Camacho. He attended the Guam Institute and the Guam Evening High School before his studies were interrupted by the Japanese Invasion in 1941. Camacho was forced to work as a laborer during the Japanese Occupation. Following the American liberation of the island in 1944 he went to work for the Provisional Military Government and the Naval Government. Two years later he left the island to further his education. He attended Aquinas College, Grand Rapids Michigan from 1946 to 1949 and continued his education at Marquette University from which he earned a degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery. Returning to Guam, Camacho joined the staff of the Guam Memorial Hospital, and later the staff of the Catholic Medical Center which opened in 1955. The next year he was inducted into the U.S. Army where he served for two years in the Dental Corps. He also served as a Captain in the Dental Corps of the U.S. Army Reserve. Camacho ran for and was elected to the 8th Guam Legislature (1964-1966) as a member of the Territorial Party. Serving as a chairman of the Committee on Public Health and Welfare, Camacho was also a member of the Committee on Rules, the Committee on Education and Labor, the Committee on Municipal Affairs and the Committee on Economic Development. The Territorial Party failed to win a single seat in the 9th Guam Legislature. Following this defeat, Camacho and other Party leaders formed the Republican Party of Guam. In 1968, Camacho was the Chairman of the Guam delegation to the GOP convention in Miami. The following year President Richard Nixon appointed him as the successor to the Democratic Governor Manuel Guerrero. He assumed the office of Governor of Guam on July 1, 1969. One of the highlights of his eighteen month term as an appointed Governor was a trip to visit Guamanian soldiers in Vietnam during Christmas of 1969, the first of many trips he would make as Governor. In 1970 he successfully ran for the governorship with Kurt Moylan as his running mate. Camacho thus became the last appointed Governor and the first elected Governor of Guam. His administration was noted for the development of the island, especially air transportation and tourism, public works projects such as roads and bridges and industrial parks. He strongly supported public health programs. Following his defeat in a hotly contested election in 1974 he devoted his time to his dental practice. Carlos Camacho died on December 6, 1979.
Description: The Papers of Carlos Camacho consist of files of correspondence, subject files, and photographs. There are two sets of correspondence: The Chronological Files, and the alphabetical files. The Latter is more extensive than the former but there are gaps in the chronological files. The alphabetical file is much smaller and is arranged by the first letter of the surname of the person communicating with the Governor’s office. Roughly 2/3 of the documents in the Camacho Papers are in the Subject Files. The title of each file was taken from the original folders when they were donated to MARC These files cover a wide variety of topics with which the Governor was interested. Most deal with the period 1970-1974, but there is a series that is focused on the Sixth Guam Legislature (1961-1962). There are a number of files which deal with the National Republican Party. Of the eleven boxes of photographs in the collection, six contained identified photos, three unidentified photos and two contained unidentified negatives. Of particular interest are the photos of Shoichi Yokoi, the Japanese World War II straggler, the 1969 visit to Guam of President Richard M. Nixon, and of Governor Camacho’s trips to South Vietnam. The collection is housed in 28 boxes measuring 26.6 linear feet.
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