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Title: Index of Guam Judicial Records: Spanish Records 1807 - 1920 English Records 1907 - 1935
Other Titles: Judicial Spanish Records 1807 – 1920 Judicial English Records 1907 – 1935
Authors: Spanish Era Archives, Court of First Instance
U.S Naval Administration, Island Court
Keywords: Judicial Records
Mortgage Law 1893
Spanish Records
Guam People
Issue Date: 1807
Publisher: Micronesian Area Research Center, University of Guam
Citation: Case, Box No. Guam Judicial Records, date. Micronesian Area Research Center, University of Guam
Series/Report no.: SDC 080;
MSS 2970;
Abstract: On August 19, 1993, the Nieves M. Flores Memorial Library transferred these historical documents to the Spanish Documents Collection and Manuscripts Collection at the Micronesian Area Research Center. Approximately 17 boxes contained valuable Spanish Era and pre-World War II documents, mostly court records. The documents in Spanish language are from the nineteenth century (the earliest being 1807; the latest 1920). The early documents consist of compilations of governmental and judicial transactions from the Spanish administration. The documents from the early American Naval period consist of both criminal and civil court records, at which time the court proceedings were conducted according to the Spanish law. They include statements from judges, attorneys, plaintiffs, defendants, and witnesses. Many of the civil cases involve land transactions, probate, and family court.
Description: The Spanish language records are stored in 17 archival acid-free boxes. This amounts to approximately 20,000 pages. The index is keyword searchable and displayed in a PDF file. The records are in alphabetical order and an abstract of each case is in Spanish language. The PDF file contains summary of individual cases from page 7 tp 2132. Appendix A is the translation of the Spanish Mortgage Law of 1893 from page 2133 to 2236. Appendix B contains the General Regulations for the Execution of the Mortgage Law of 1893 pages 2236 to 2401. Appendix C contains a Royal Decree: Land Law of the Philippine Islands in Force, 1898, pages 2401 to 2411. On pages 2411 to 2422 is a Glossary of Spanish terms translated to English. The Index to the English Language Judicial Records of Guam 1907-1935 is from pages 2423 to 3939.
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