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Title: Francelle Alexander Papers
Authors: Alexander, Francelle
Keywords: Guam Roots
Aliens on Guam
National Archives Department of the Navy
1929 Report on Aliens in Guam
Issue Date: 2024
Series/Report no.: MSS 3030;
Abstract: Francelle Alexander is a family researcher and historian of the area around Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has three books on the subject published by Rio Grande Books. She also has some Guam connections. She has two grandchildren who have Guam connections. In order for her grandsons to become more connected to Guam, she produced a volume entitled "Guam Roots." In the course of her research, she was able to secure documents from the National Archives, Department of the Navy about a report on "aliens" in Guam in 1929. The list includes names and brief commentary accounting for 43 Filipinos, 73 Japanese, 3 Chinese, 1 Finnish, 15 Spaniards, 1 "Porto Rican", and 2 Germans. She forwarded these to Dr. Robert Underwood who donated them to the Micronesian Area Research Center, along with her "Guam Roots" volume and two articles. Ms. Alexander has consented to the submission of these documents.
Description: "Guam Roots" (draft) by Francelle Alexander; "The Japanese Administration of Guam, 1941-1944: A Study of Occupation and Integration Policies, with Japanese Oral Histories," article by Wakako Higuchi, 2013; "Caught Between the Sun and Stars: The Chamorro Experience During the Second World War", article by Nicholas Iwamoto, 2020; 1929 Report on Aliens in Guam from the National Archives, Department of the Navy. Materials are held in a 1.5 linear foot archival box.
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